Important Announcement: 12 November 2019

Life isn’t always easy but it is always precious. This is not an announcement I ever hoped I would have to write, and it certainly isn’t an easy one.

My family situation necessitates I make a difficult decision. As many of you know, my mother’s strength has been fading for some time; things have not improved, and my family need me. My Campaign colleague is also gravely ill and in need of major surgeries. My family cannot cope without me, not least because my mother is at a distance from all of us, and can’t be moved.

Therefore, today, I have to make a choice, before nominations close. So today I am stepping aside as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip. This will allow our local party, in conjunction with HQ, time to find another candidate before nominations close.

It’s not an easy decision but it is the right one. I have to put my family and loved ones first. I do hope you understand.

To those who continue with or come to candidacy in this seat, I offer some observations, born of more than two decades of researching and writing about the consequences of political rhetoric:

Remember why you are doing this: to serve, not for glory. An MP should – and must – represent constituents, not their own ambitions. Be fair, be kind, ridicule none, and remember you are there for those who do not vote for you or share your values, just as much as for those who do.

Politics is not a game. This is not about history. It is about standing for thousands of people, and embracing their hopes, worries, fears, and weaknesses.

Remember: language matters. Be a vehicle for good, not vengeance, and certainly not solely for your own needs. Be the change your constituents want to see, and always do what is right and just for those you serve.

Is this me done with politics? Not by any means.

Reality bites sometimes, and I must do my duty for my immediate family.

I wish you all well, and send you all, as always, much love.

Dr Liz Evenden-Kenyon, 10.30am, Tuesday 12 November 2019.

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