The Trouble with Tribalism

Dr Liz Evenden-Kenyon:

We live in angry times.

“You’re with me or against me!” “What’s your real political agenda? What colour are you? Red? Yellow? Blue? Green? Yellow-Blue?” You’re either Leave of Remain. You’re a Tory or a Tory in disguise. It’s all colour, party, faction; faction within a faction. We find the need to pigeonhole and write off at every turn.

If only real life were so simple.

Our human need to pick a side, pick a colour is primeval, reinforcing our animalistic ‘fight or flight’, eat or be eaten. Even in our (so-called) civilised society, the gloves are off for many. Add communications technology that is expanding at an astonishing speed (perplexing many, giving anonymity to the ‘fighters’ amongst us), and with just a few taps of our thumbs it’s now fight! Fight! FIGHT!

But are we all really that two-dimensional in real life? In reality, much of what gets said…

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