3 October 2019: Text of my Open Letter to Mr Johnson

3 October 2019

Re: The Brexit Con – Part II. This is what my team and I say is happening, as of today.

Dear Mr Johnson,

The rumblings of discontent about EEC/EU membership have been maintained by your party and others since the 1970s. I am aware that a minority of the Conservative party have always desired to be outside of this bloc for federalist reasons. As you will be aware, this current attempt at ‘leaving’ started c. 2008, and was ramped up in c. 2012 by hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, and a short-the-pound clique. Mr Cameron half-heartedly attempted to renegotiate our position, and took us into a woefully managed binary referendum.

In March 2019, the UK found itself with a government facing down one of the biggest defeats in parliamentary history.  So what did the Conservative party do next, as a result? Draw in their inner circle and concede that, if we don’t deliver Brexit, our party is finished.

And so a two-part plan is forged.

Thus begins the drip feed of misinformation, disinformation, and the biggest political con this country has ever been sold. (And, as an historian, I do not say that lightly.) 

Since this is an open letter, I will clarify how you’ve planned leading this nation to the edge of the abyss, in order to bring your plan to its intended conclusion.

Part I – the groundwork begins

The Withdrawal Agreement was a one-time shot at a deal: the only deal that could be made. Fact.  When Mrs May signed the last extension, she accepted that there would be no changes to the Agreement beyond cosmetic tweaks to the political declaration. Any blustering about a better deal is purely a game of semantics and tweaking of specific portions of that deal – drop one bit, ‘big-up’ another, and so forth.

Parliament is sovereign. That one-time deal – in any wording –  has to get through parliament. So how do you bridge that gap? How do you get that deal through when it has already been rejected three times, and when all you will ever do is window-dress it and tweak it? Time is on your side here.

A date, after all, is set, and the clock ticks…

As a nation becomes increasingly tired of the lack of resolution, the lack of reprieve from worry and fear, as financial uncertainty bites, as communities and families live in limbo or are torn apart through distrust or your demonstrably-flawed settled status scheme, what do you do? You wait. You facilitate that breakdown in national morale. But, as the consummate bully knows: you provide an element of hope, which enables your target to believe that it is within their power to prevent the punishment threatened.

The public are led to believe that local council elections, the EU elections, etc. are de facto referenda but the carrot continues to be dangled by some, which you facilitate to keep hope in some areas alive. Perhaps you may get a say in another referendum, perhaps you have some power after all, perhaps we’ll listen; you allow hope to remain, however minimal. Yet if venture capitalists could find enough money to manipulate and taint the first Referendum, then it’s obvious that they could taint any second one. A second referendum was and is never going to happen; no bully truly allows their mark a meaningful say. 

While this smokescreen continues, you position yourself to ensure that you get that deal through. So how do you do it? And here’s Part I.

1.   You complain about the deal vociferously and boot out the PM who brokered it, since it’s final.

2.   You blame the EU negotiators for intransigence – despite the fact that renegotiation is impossible under the terms of the treaty. You make a second deal sound possible when it is not. The smoke and mirrors of semantics.

3.   You change public perception by using the oldest bullying tactic in the book: coercion. You start to threaten something really dreadful will happen – utilise fear (medicine won’t arrive, transport will grind to a halt, food shortages, death, disaster, etc.) – in order to force the fearful to accept the lesser threat: the same deal, with an adjective of your choice, to kid them that it’s kinder and better than the beating of a no deal. Some will start to listen.

No democratically elected G7 government would do something so crass as to crash us out, given the damage it would cause. But if you threaten something, you have to have something to substantiate that threat – to make it sound plausible.

Welcome to Yellowhammer and Black Swan; the wild card in waiting, to be played with aplomb when the time is right. Get ready to repeat why they are necessary, to ratchet up how awful things will be if you don’t do what we want. 

(Here the bully effectively puts that person in a corner and shouts and shouts snippets of the types of damage to come, to wear them down, so that they

eventually begin to believe that the threat is real and will be catastrophic, so that you will take any alternative – any– to avoid that worst case scenario.) 

4.   At this point the Conservative Party need a poster-boy for Leave: a bluffer, a charmer, who could carry that message home. Someone who has the hutzpah to carry that blag home in front of cameras, politicians, and the sick. And so you step forward, Mr Johnson. The blustering but (to many) believable bluffer.

5.   A united front then has to be presented. (Don’t look at what they do say, look for what they don’t say, if you want to see how it works, but they hope that you don’t spot what they are doing because theyappear united – phew!)

Now Mr Cummings must really earn his keep, as the Machiavellian paid to sell a country to the dogs: time to persuade the country to believe that this nightmare will become real, if you don’t do what we want… 

6.   Now it is time to spin and spin and spin until a coerced country is terrified of its own shadow, as the threat becomes tangible and imminent.

Tick, tick, tick. Let that clock tick louder and louder, watch the hands go round, while the threats are shouted more fiercely, despite rational opposition.

7.   Use the control you’ve been given to reinforce the threat. Make the coerced so exhausted as the deadline arrives that they will do anything to make it stop. Anything.

Part II – the endgame

So at this point, the final manoeuvrings begin, to get what you wanted all along.

The questions have already been raised and answers planned:

  • How do the Conservative party begin to sell the idea that, despite these threats, they are going to look after the nation? How do you tell the electorate that you care, really?
  • How do you get parliamentary members (whose support you need) to concede that some discomfort is better than a good beating?
  • How do you get the deal through, and make a nation believe you are their saviour from the hell that is fast approaching?

In other words, how does an abusive partner maintain control?

Simple: by presenting what they know will keep you controlled. You give them a way out, something that will make it all go away. You deliver them from disaster.

After all, a way out that is better than a beating, right? Give them something that will make all the really dreadful stuff go away – and keep them controlled but grateful for leniency and that it’s all stopped. Better still: keep the coerced party thinking they have maintained an element of autonomy by accepting the lesser damage.

Tick, tick, tick. It’s decision time.

1.   Manoeuvre the next One Nation government onto the back benches (Stewart, Mordant, Clarke, Gauke, et al.), on the promise that when this is all over and the glory taken, at least some of them will be the next government in waiting.

Now the real version of Project Fear begins.

2.   Enact the constant leaking and placing of information about the worst-case-scenario, to whip up fear, so that it courses through the very veins of worn-down nations and individuals. Government could deny this dreadful ‘reality’ but no, let’s just let it drip out, to our advantage; keep those threats real but let the victims scramble around trying to find out what it actually constitutes – frightened, looking for evidence, trying to mitigate – oh no, it’s coming… 

Let me show you the real con here:

3.   Utilise the Brexit Party.

There are two simple positions here, which they share with the Conservative party:

  1. Money. Anyone who thinks Farage et al are interested in anything other than making a further fortune could be seen as having been duped by the con.
  2. ‘Little Englanders’ – the Brexit Party feed on the nationalistic beliefs of those who bought the original lies over sovereignty and ‘taking back control’.

There never was such a thing as ‘Let’s go WTO’ or a ‘Clean Break Brexit’.

Behind closed doors the key Conservatives, spin doctors, and Brexit Party officials nod to each other and continue to bet on the ever-falling value of the pound, 

taking with them the ideologues, whose ultimate purpose serves the financial aims of the few.

4.   Negate the Brexit Party. The government knows that deliverance of an ‘acceptable’ deal (something that is, at least, not as awful as the hell that has been threatened) instantly turns the Brexit Party back into the single-issue protest party that they were only ever designed to be.

5.   Ramp up the rhetoric and now let others help. The first domino to fall is Labour (who have, after all, facilitated keeping the People’s Vote hope alive – ‘let us have a say to avoid a beating, to show we have some say in what happens’). Careerist MPs in Leave seats know they have to be seen to deliver what the majority of their local electorate want, lest they not be re-elected. Like the overall Labour position: they may or may not want to leave the EU. Mr Corbyn certainly does: as his 30-year voting record clearly shows. Get Labour MPs to help you. After all, you have to get this through parliament.

The two main party leaders both want the same end result for different political and financial reasons. This does not bode well for the majority of the country that did not vote to leave. It is contrary to a large percentage of the Labour party’s membership’s wishes, and, again, note what Corbyn doesn’t say, rather than what he does: he’s constantly talking about stopping a disastrous No Deal Brexit. I believe he is genuine in not wanting no deal but he has made it fairly clear from the start that a negotiated Labour deal – ‘Lexit’ – would be desirable. (Again, this is the same posturing over semantics on the deal, one that cannot be changed beyond redressing or removing portions of its content.)

In the midst of this: who speaks for the majority in this country, when for both parties, the apparent policy is to avoid a disastrous No Deal Brexit (the unicorn) but also, ultimately, to leave the EU?

The Liberal Democrats have been very clear in their opposition to Brexit. Revoking Article 50 stops the clock ticking and takes the power away from the bully to manipulate by using intense pressure tactics.

6.   Discredit anything that will stop the time pressure.It is that very pressure that will make people crack and look for what appears to be a middle ground, a way of diverting disaster.

But the end game is upon us. It is here: NOW.

7.   Save the day! Persuade enough MPs that ‘Johnson’s [tweaked] deal’ is enough. Persuade them that you can make the nightmare go away – and save your seats – by taking the deal. Make it seem reasonable. Tick, tick, tick. Get them to buy the biggest con in parliamentary history…

How will you bring it to pass? Others will help.

Labour for Leave: a group of Leave-orientated Brexiteer Labour MPs hold the ace here. The DUP – it appears – may have been bought off again. The ERG suddenly appear to be happy to accept that Northern Ireland being in a Single Market is fine by them, when up to today it has been a monstrosity in their eyes.

It’s happening, right in front of us. You are gathering the numbers for the coming storm: a deal is coming.

The numbers aligning for what the Chief Whip needs are now greater than they have been on previous occasions; the Supreme Court hearing has reminded everyone that the only way of leaving the EU is with parliament’s assent.

For the first time, therefore, we are at very real risk of leaving with a tweaked deal, setting this country up for decades of continued involvement in the machinations of being in the EU, without any of the benefits of being at the table – leaving us demonstrably worse off in so many ways.

The venture capitalists are winning, thanks to a two-stage plan that is being enacted to the letter.

But I see you, Mr Johnson – and you, Mr Cummings.

You will not be forgiven. There is still time to stop you, to expose you for what you are, for what you are doing.

This is why this is an open letter.

The UK – and the electorate – must not be chips in your pernicious game of poker. Your tell is your plan. I see it. Now others must because, yes, that clock is ticking.

We must stop the clock: revoke Article 50. Enough is enough. We must – and have to – stop you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip;

BA (Hons), MA, PhD: specialist in debunking political spin and the utility of hate speech, University of Oxford.

One comment

  1. I tip my hat to the author
    A totally accurate and perceptive analysis
    I am approaching 80 years of age and voted Labour all my life until Tony Blair destroyed the party I loved
    I have never considered voting Liberal Democrat until your parties principled stand on the madness that is Brexit and following your letter will now do so.
    When history is written there will be incredulity as to what a once proud nation has done to itself
    Sadly your prediction is coming true

    Johnson will announce his tweak of the original withdrawal agreement as a triumph and there is a very great risk a compliant Patliament will vote it through.
    I feel so helpless there seems no way to prevent a catastrophe and it is the young who will pay the price


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