Why Boris Johnson Must Go – an update, in light of his language upon the return to the Commons (25 September 2019)

Dr Liz Evenden-Kenyon:

The post detailed below was written back in April 2019, just after I was elected to stand as the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip. I continue to stand by every word of it: I have said all along that Mr Johnson’s language is both divisive and dangerous.

In a constituency mired in questionable political language, I remain determined to challenge inappropriate lexis from MPs and political candidates. I have spent a lifetime tackling hate, and my professional career has been built on debunking political spin in the media.

After yesterday’s horrendous rhetorical snarling and raging by both Sir Geoffrey Cox and Mr Johnson, I am compelled to reiterate the damage such language can cause.

Labour’s Paula Sherriff was spot-on in her analysis of the type of rhetoric Johnson and some other members of his party use as a form of rebuttal: ‘pejorative language… offensive… dangerous……

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