Personal Manifesto

Details of how Heathrow consultation action coming shortly.

Dr Liz Evenden-Kenyon:

First and foremost, a vote for me is a vote to help build a fair, free and open society and constituency.

I’ve dedicated my working life to supporting social cohesion, and to tackling hate speech, Islamophobia, anti-semitism, and xenophobia. We cannot let hate and fascism win.

Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon

1. Stop Brexit

I am happy to discuss any aspect of constituent concerns over Brexit and will never shy away from dialogue over difficult issues.

I stand firm with the party that we are better off remaining in the EU; leaving is bad for our economy, environment, human rights, and our cultural relations on a national and local level. To put it simply: #BollockstoBrexit… because enough is enough. We have to stop this act of self-harm as a nation.

I am 100% behind a People’s Vote and an active
campaigner for it.

2. Tackling hate speech and disinformation about Immigration.


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