Personal Manifesto

First and foremost, a vote for me is a vote to help build a fair, free and open society and constituency.

I’ve dedicated my working life to supporting social cohesion, and to tackling hate speech, Islamophobia, anti-semitism, and xenophobia. We cannot let hate and fascism win.

Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon

1. Stop Brexit

I am happy to discuss any aspect of constituent concerns over Brexit and will never shy away from dialogue over difficult issues.

I stand firm with the party that we are better off remaining in the EU; leaving is bad for our economy, environment, human rights, and our cultural relations on a national and local level. To put it simply: #BollockstoBrexit… because enough is enough. We have to stop this act of self-harm as a nation.

I am 100% behind a People’s Vote and an active campaigner for it.

2. Tackling hate speech and disinformation about Immigration.

I have spent my entire career to date lecturing, teaching, and training others on ways in which to promote social cohesion. I specialise in unpacking how the media – both historically and in the present day – is used to manipulate people’s perceptions.

I am happy to discuss with any constituents why hate speech is so harmful, and ways in which to challenge it safely. I’m also happy to speak to those who believe their hate is justified: let’s talk...

Throughout 2007-2017, I was a lecturer at Brunel University, and won several awards for my teaching methodologies and pastoral care. I will utilise and proffer these skills and local knowledge to the benefit of the whole community.

Since 2004, successive governments have chosen not to curb immigration levels. Article 7 of the EU Human Rights Directive allows us to remain in the EU and curb immigration. They have simply chosen not to do this.

We should Remain and utilise this measure, working with our closest allies, not against them.

3. Residents – local community, local support systems, local activism

I understand that many people feel ‘left behind’ and have a right to be angry about the reduction in their quality of life and opportunities in the constituency. I firmly believe that #austerity measures are WRONG.

I am working tirelessly to help reinvigorate our community spirit in a way that is inclusive and inspires community action.

I am working on several initiatives through which we can work together to support our communities and bring us together – initiatives that bring different age groups and cultures together, to help one another and build bonds that last. This includes support for Hillingdon Food Bank, our #trashtagging work, and our #One4all campaign on Climate Change.

4. Housing

I am working to ensure that housing in Uxbridge and South Ruislip remains affordable to all, and to support the homeless within our constituency.

I will also work to protect our green spaces and ensure that any new builds are on brown field sites only. Our residents – particularly our children, and our mental and physical health need access to safe, green spaces.

Please contact me if you have any specific concerns you’d like to raise over housing.

5. Services

I am a committed campaigner for better health provision for all – working in particular to ensure that we have both social and mental-health care facilities that are fit for purpose. The NHS has saved my life and supported my mental health on many occasions: we must ensure it is properly funded, and that ALL staff are appreciated and respected at all times.

I agree with the 1p rise to tax proposed by our party, to help heal our NHS and improve upon the current level of provision.

I will also continue to petition to have appropriate measures to deal with fly tipping and dog waste across the constituency.

6. Crime

I’ve seen first-hand the damage caused by knife crime, and the devastation caused to all involved when young people make the choice to arm themselves.

We need to be proactive not just reactive.

Our young people need greater support and resources to help them make safer choices in life. I am campaigning and undertaking advocacy to ensure this, both with the Liberal Democrats, and in my professional life.

Together, we can make Uxbridge and South Ruislip a safe, loving, and affordable place to live and to learn. #lovenothate

The Liberal Democrats, locally and nationally, may use any information you have provided, including your political views, to further our objectives, share it with our elected representatives and/or contact you in future using any of the means provided. Some contacts may be automated. You may opt out of some or all contacts or exercise your other legal rights by contacting us. Further details are in our Privacy Policy at Published and promoted by David Naghi on behalf of Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon (Liberal Democrats), all at 19 Mote Avenue, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 7WU, and hosted by Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon at

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